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Mental and Emotional Illness and the Church

When tragic circumstances occur in a family or community, many turn to their pastor, leaders, or church connections. This circle of support is important. We can address this suffering with encouragement and hope for things we see with our eyes. It is right to do so. Yet, there is a segment of the church and public I feel are overlooked. There are people who suffer in ways we cannot see, which go beyond familiar experience. I am referring to those with mental and emotional issues, whether temporary trials or long-term disorders. In church settings, support for physical illness or misfortune is available, with little awareness of dealing with emotional and mental distress as an illness. In addition, the observable traumatic hardship and events we readily understand can lead to complications of emotional turmoil. If we turn to the faith community for help with this aspect, there is not much practical outreach, though equally vital.

The Problem
Some mean well, but have never encountered t…