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Being Before Doing

In church settings, there is a great deal of focus on the outward. We are continually reminded the world is watching us, with focus on what we do, what we say, how we say it, with exhortations to tell people about Jesus at all times. Much of the emphasis is on a bustle of doing, with continual reminders to stop the must not be doings. None of this is wrong. It is indeed important. If it becomes our sole focus, however, we may end up preoccupied with washing the outside of the cup.  There can be little of the right doings, with less of the sinful not doings, unless there is first being. Perhaps this is one of the many reasons public figures fall. So much driven outwardly displayed and observable activity. In time, it defines the life. How folks see us is far less important than our bended knee before almighty God and where our hearts are with His Son. Where are we on the inside? Activity can sometimes become a purpose in and of itself. A vital relationship with our Lord, as we seek to d

The Weight of Despondency

Job was a man who went through more than most of us ever will. In Scripture, we read Job’s friends sat with him for seven days and seven nights, as they saw the gravity of his suffering. Not many in our culture would be willing to go to such a length for someone in deep need. How wonderful this was. They were on his level with him, sharing his pain.   Yet, the rest of the book of Job is filled with the opposite. Lofty speeches, scolding, pat answers, and blame. The more Job spoke from the depths of his depression, the more they were not really listening. Did the frankness of his words scare them? Did they wish to be right? Were they more concerned with fixing him, then understanding his heart? Already suffering, how lonely that must have been for him. Job had a lot of questions in his misery. In the end, God did not answer any of Job’s questions. He basically said, “I am God”. In the presence of such magnitude, that was enough for Job. During the clouds of our difficulties, it is heali