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The Purpose of Art: Beauty or Ugliness?

  These are troubled times. There are few who would regard themselves as “whole persons”, free of some level of inner brokenness. Foundational truth has been rejected, leaving ourselves floating in a gray and dusty void. If the contemporary mind explores any notion of the profound, it finds emptiness and meaninglessness in a self-centrally defined existence. Expressions of nihilism and moral disintegration abound in movies, TV, art, and music. To push the boundaries is the only stimulation a society in moral decline can find to entertain itself, expressing and imbibing its deadness. Artists can be a voice to highlight beauty and meaning. By reclaiming the positive inspiration of the beauty of artistic expression, creativity edifies society rather than reinforcing emptiness. Art can be a light resisting the despairing nothingness so prevalent. Ultimately, creativity glorifies God. Art is a witness to the God who is truly there, the eternal God who is. If individuals with personality