Art as a Signpost to God

Francis A. Schaeffer 
Francis Schaeffer spent a great deal of time in art galleries in every American and European city he visited. As many as he could. (Francis A. Schaeffer, Jan. 30, 1912 – May 15, 1984. Theologian, philosopher, teacher, cultural analyst, gospel apologist.) No pastor, other Christian figures, or individual believers ever accompanied him. Out of refusal? No. Complete disinterest. Only his family came along.

The same outlook is true today. The church, by and large, is disinterested in fine art. Music and writing are its main creative outlets. It is a sad loss because the finest of the arts, indeed human creativity itself, brings such glory to the Creator. It is an untapped catalyst to bring our wonderful Lord glory, a springboard to minster to others, while bringing beauty to an ugly world.

Our attention is indeed skewed. In modern culture, the purpose of art seems to be to bring "glory" to the artist themselves. What we are missing in our outlook is profound. There is a great Cause to our existence, with a signpost staring us right in the face as we appreciate beautiful art, so to speak.

The personal Creator God is seen in a unique way through arts expressive, emotive focus on creativity, beauty, and the world around us. How wonderful an Almighty God graciously created beings who reflect creativity, its very purpose pointing so dramatically upward to Him.

Instead of art showcasing a spotlight on the artist alone, the church can be a place where art speaks from the heart and creative mind, with dramatic expressive potential to glorify our Maker, the very One who gave such gifts.

Read Art as Praise to God, on this blog, by artist and writer Jeffrey M Green. View the artist's work at: .


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