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What Child is This?

In the larger cultural sense, baby Jesus is a benign,safe, and religiously sentimental symbol conveying a warm feeling one can easily dismiss. In this view, Jesus forever stays a baby. Yet, He did not stay this way. Scriture, God's revealed truth, does not allow us any view which obscures Christ's singular chracter. The sublime truth of the Incarnation, of Jesus Christ’s humble birth as a baby is of utmost importance at Christmas. The implications of Christmas , though full of wonderful hope, bear a sobering reminder. Why did Christ come? Scripture makes it plain Jesus was not born, nor did He live, merely to inspire others. He came to save us from our sin. The hope is not abstract, not mere emotion. The purpose is redemption for our rebellion against almighty God. This same Jesus-born of the virgin Mary, born in time, space, and history-became a man, lived a perfect life, suffered and died for our sin, and rose again from the dead. This same Jesus is the Lord of glory,