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Fear of the Future

The future of our personal lives can fill us with apprehension. It is a great unknown, fertile soil for anxiety and worry. Since we do not know what it holds, we often fill in the gaps with what we believe about the world. Our experiences and past can emotionally shape how we handle what may lie ahead, or our perceptions of it. The more unsure we are, the more unease increases.

Feeling as if we own no control in life can cause a great deal of turmoil, yet we have little ultimate control over outcomes and circumstances. We seek comfort in being the master of the details of our lives, but will encounter trials, trouble sometimes hits, and tragedy may visit us. To seek control we do not possess adds to inner conflict.

Though life is full of difficulty, outright disaster is a possibility not a certainty. It can also be a matter of how we perceive something, rather than objective reality. Fear conveys the sense of heightened and known certainty, though it is not known. Panic tells us eve…