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My Personal Testimony

The following is my personal Christian testimony. I have never shared the full details before, though I have been very open about my struggles. This should not be assumed to reflect the normative or average experience of accepting Christ, it is that of a troubled man. It is because of the hope in this darkness I share it. (Note: This was originally shared in the September 2019 newsletter of Cross Road Baptist Church ).  I was 19 or 20 years old, living an isolated life with severe social anxiety. I had little contact with anyone, living in one room in my parents’ house. One day I went out to get the mail and found a tract on the ground in front of our mailbox. I brought it into my room and read it, discovering bible verses about how you can be saved. I accepted Christ. God had a unique way to reach me in my lonely life. I can’t say everything became wonderful. I was spiraling downward with severe emotional and mental issues. It debilitated me for about 15 years, with severe pro


The following will sound judgmental to today’s ears. I get that. I do not mean it so. Even if you may incline this way, I’d like to ask the reader something. Will you forgo dismissing it outright and consider what you read for a moment? Imagine you opened your eyes in eternity. Your days are over, here you are. You discover, to your dismay, it is not what you presumed. In reality, the world never revolved around our self-gratifying ideas of “being spiritual”. There is a much more profound question instead. We are confronted before a Holy God, where the question is, “What did you do with my Son?” God tore His heart out for us, so to speak. He gave His own Son. Christ suffered beyond the limits of our understanding by dying for our sin. We are not meaningless lumps of tissue which dissipate in space as some vague energy when our days are done. We are created beings God gave His utmost to, with the most astounding love which can be conceived. At that time in eternity-such a sho