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Why, God?

Sometimes we may go through periods of pain and trial that are so traumatizing we experience defeat. We have nowhere to turn and feel alone. We may ask, why? Why God, why did you allow this? Why did this happen to me? Such turmoil can cause a great deal of anguish, yet God can handle our questions. We can bring them to Him. The Bible is full of wounded cries to God. Job found himself in that position, as well as Jeremiah the prophet. They experienced deep suffering. The Psalms often articulate distress. An example: I am weary with my crying; my throat is parched; My eyes fail while I wait for my God. (Psalm 69:3). The pain of our circumstances can distort our awareness of God’s nearness. Yet, rather than our trial causing us inner conflict with God, He alone is the source of our hope, comfort, and peace. He Himself, as our true, living, intimate, Father is the answer to our questions. This is not an abstract or vague hope. It is a sure as a relationship to Him in His Son Jesus Ch