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Passing Pleasures or Abiding Joy

The pleasures pursued in this life are but momentary. They do not last. Therefore, you must do them over and over, and yet over again. Restlessly wanting ever more, we are never satisfied. Then, one day, we become enslaved. It could be sex, drugs, food, alcohol, work, online activity, shopping, porn, you name it. It could be anything. Some of these are damaging sin, others lead to uncontrolled behavior when it is all we crave. In the end, we are trapped in the cycle of desperately striving for satisfaction, as it flies away with ever stronger force, chained to distraction and pleasure. In contrast, the joy of Christ transcendentally abides, ever growing as we draw closer to Him. Circumstance matters less, pain draws us even nearer. With the utmost joy of being loved in unmerited grace we have true peace. We delight in our wonderful Lord, knowing a deeply satisfied contentedness which asks what more do we need? This present joy comes to the fullest fruition we could ever imagine w