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Finality and Hope

In life we experience many endings. Those things we wish would remain and last slip through our hands like grains of sand. The list of them is lengthy and varied, occurring so regularly it exists as an undercurrent or theme to mortality. For every exciting event, we feel a low when it is over. Relationships cease or are severed. Friendships, careers, physical wellness, youth, cherished periods of happiness, financial stability, all can come to an end. Some, such as youth, are guaranteed to if we live long enough, while the loss of parents, spouses, and loved ones bring sorrow. I react to endings with a sense of deep sadness. Circumstances are fleeting. I feel the good should remain, yet it changes, it ends. My reaction may have a great deal to do with the formative years of my life. I do not think this response is uncommon, however. It is part of being human. Finality is painful. When loved ones pass or tragic events impact us, it seems wrong to us. Though inevitable, our hearts c