Has Humanity Adopted a Willful Depression?

In an age in which humankind has taught itself we have complete autonomy at every level, with nothing outside of our own existence or perception, we find more disorders, anxiety, and depression than ever. Philosophers and scientists tell us such angst is the price to pay for knowing the truth.

It rings hollow when weighed against our experience of personality and being. We were created as individual personalities, fashioned to be dependent. The objective reality, the true truth cannot be denied deep within our innermost hearts, no matter how hard we subdue it. Our fractured turmoil calls us back to the Creator who made us to depend on Him, if we have ears to hear.

It is ironic we avoid being uncomfortable at all costs, yet accept such emptiness. In practical life and experiential circumstance we run from discomfort. We do not want a God for the same reason. To acknowledge one immediately infers accountability. That causes a pretty immediate reaction of discomfort. Yet, to avoid this, a humanist, fatalistic outlook is adopted-a willful depression, a chosen despair. This unpleasantness is freely accepted. One may wonder, why welcome such gloom? Though there is a high price, living and indulging as we please seems to be worth it. Here we discover we are rebels against the Almighty. Many of the modern philosophers and scientists of today openly admit as much. Will we let them think for us? I will ask this again. Will we unthinkingly and passively allow all this nihilism and empty degradation define reality, in spite of the fact our hearts cry out with the deepest longing for meaning and worth?

Mankind can continue to tell ourselves we are hollow, meaningless tissue, while reaping the spiritual and emotional void it brings. The choice is ours. God allows us the choice, but the consequences of the choosing He has made plain. The implications are great. We are broken, hurting beings, desperately in need of the Savior God has graciously given to the unworthy. Unworthy, that is all of us. How great is the astounding grace of God in Christ.

How to have a personal relationship with God 

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