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Has Humanity Adopted a Willful Depression?

In an age in which humankind has taught itself we have complete autonomy at every level, with nothing outside of our own existence or perception, we find more disorders, anxiety, and depression than ever. Philosophers and scientists tell us such angst is the price to pay for knowing the truth. It rings hollow when weighed against our experience of personality and being. We were created as individual personalities , fashioned to be dependent. The objective reality, the true truth cannot be denied deep within our innermost hearts, no matter how hard we subdue it. Our fractured turmoil calls us back to the Creator who made us to depend on Him, if we have ears to hear. It is ironic we avoid being uncomfortable at all costs, yet accept such emptiness. In practical life and experiential circumstance we run from discomfort. We do not want a God for the same reason. To acknowledge one immediately infers accountability. That causes a pretty immediate reaction of discomfort. Yet, to avoid

Are We Nothing More than Material, Chance, and Time?

I would like to pose a few questions for those of an atheist or a non-theist viewpoint. My tone is not meant in animosity or belligerence. Our culture has far too much enmity from all sides. This is not a cannonade, but a call to exploration. If you have come here with a different worldview, I welcome you to my blog. Thank you for visiting.  The Common View That human life and our planet has come about by chance, that we are nothing more than material come into being by an accident of circumstances and time, is a widely held view. It proposes no God, only a naturalistic view of life. If a force or Being outside of ourselves exists, we are pretty much on our own and hold ambivalence to ideas beyond our senses. When faith is considered at all, it is fine for the weaker-minded who don’t want to acknowledge reality. If you hold this, or similar views, I am posing a few questions. Value  It is readily observable people universally wish respect and a level of dignity. I suspect, if o