A Spiritual Buffet

Our culture views spirituality like a great buffet. Laid out before us are many selections. We choose whichever we fancy according to what pleases our palate. A little bit of this and a bit of that is piled on our plate. It is all good; it is just a matter of preference.

A post-Christian society has rejected any idea of a personal God, before whom we are accountable, or the need of a Savior. Instead, you have the term “being spiritual”. It is meant to sound open-minded and free. It has little to do with the state of humanity or the existence of a holy God. Emotionalism wrapped is spiritual terms, with no objectively understood reality; the self becomes the defining object of focus. Inside this fluffy package, falsehood abounds.

Sadly, the same mindset pervades the mainstream church. When you go to a buffet, each dish has a label telling you what it is. For many Christians, as long as the label has the word “Jesus” or “God” somewhere it must be good. This makes it acceptable to consume anything we see whether or not it is appropriate. Often, criteria has no bearing at all. Thus we have popular books skirting the edges of heresy, big name TV preachers doing the same, the average Christian blurring the lines of Scripture, or ideas no better than junk food. What is worse, occult practices, new age influences, and things such as psychics and reiki are OK as long as the word "God" is added.

The Bible paints a different picture. Truth is paramount, since it is the true actuality that is. Whatever does not have fidelity to Scriptural standards is contrary and is not truth. It is either unreality or outright deception. There is no such thing as multiple choices each as valid as another or preferences that differ for each taste. This is no buffet sitting under heat lamps. It is a very serious matter with eternal ramifications.

Jesus claimed to be the truth-not a part of truth, an addition to truth, or one figure among many throughout history. Scripture places such a high regard on truth that the importance of discerning the false from the authentic cannot be emphasized enough in an atmosphere of gooey, mushy relativism.

No one sits down and decides, “I want to live in unreality”. By denying foundational concepts of who we are and the God who created us, this is exactly what we are doing. We see the results in the confusion and chaos which reigns in every sphere of society. We live with lies every day. We are born into them, learn them, and imbibe them.

As rebels, mankind wants to redefine life right down to the most fundamental principles of God, human existence, and what was once called the Queen of the Sciences-theology. Followers of Christ are called to love the pure gospel, the propositional concrete truths of God’s Word, and devote ourselves to the wonderful God it reveals. “Being spiritual” on our own terms is not an option.

How wonderful it is truth can be known, true truth, the truth that is. It is not vague or fluffy but a joyful reality. With such a great God, may this compel us forward with an ever greater hunger to know Him more.

"Sanctify them in the truth; Your word is truth." (Jesus speaking). John 17:17.

Beloved, do not believe every spirit, but test the spirits to see whether they are from God, because many false prophets have gone out into the world. 1 John 4:1.

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