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Why Do Bad Things Happen to Good People? Part 2.

We Have Our Rights Why do bad things happen to good people? Today I discuss this age-old question from the perspective of our American culture. In our society we have the ingrained ideal of “the pursuit of happiness”. This was first expressed in the Declaration of Independence. Since the freedom to seek happiness is governmental, the idea has become sacred. While the original intention was that of releasing oppressive restriction, we now believe we own the inalienable right to never be uncomfortable. In addition, due to our modern comforts and conveniences, our attitudes have changed from that of former generations. Difficulty is seen as wrong, with outrage when experienced. It no longer matters what sphere it comes from, whether personal, political, spiritual, or circumstance, we understand adversity and problems as outrageous interruptions. Our attitude is our day-to-day lives should be a state of uninterrupted bliss and peace. Anything less is unfair. What I am pointing out may