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Is Faith a Crutch for the Weak?

Not Enough Skeptics ridicule faith-more specifically, Bible believing Christians-by saying belief is a crutch. The target of these dismissive remarks is important since faith is seen as beyond reason and weak if not subordinate to a humanist worldview. I do not agree with this view. As a committed Christian, this may be predictable. I do so in the opposite way one may assume, however. There are two primary reasons. The first is a crutch may be the accusation of cynics toward those of faith as weak-minded and needing it to support them, which need they are above, but the image itself is feeble. A crutch is not enough. It is undependable as an idea or any usable reality. To help ourselves along is not what broken, sinful humanity needs. Propping myself up with a wishful idea of Jesus will not get me far. It is essential for the actual reality of the living Jesus to redeem me and carry me entirely. If belief is only a pleasant but unrealistic prop, my faith is one of anemic conve