Introducing a New Blog Feature

Introducing a new blog feature: Prayer requests. Send your prayer requests to Living in the Light of Grace. Visit the Share Your Prayer Requests page.

There is power in prayer. When we pray, great obstacles are overcome. Trials are encouraged with inspiration. However, the capacity is not in our words or in the one who offers them. The power is in the God to whom we appeal.

Until we hit rock bottom or feel out of control, we think we can handle most anything. Prayer is a formal act to be religious, a last resort, or a “just in case” bailout. How often do we pray knowing we are heard, having faith that praying to God is a dynamic and profound privilege?

The power of God in the glorious and wonderful name of Christ is far beyond our comprehension. His supreme might made the world, shapes history, redeems our soul, and is with us daily. In Christ, God is in control of every detail of our lives. He does not need our help, nor does He need our input to solve problems. He knows what we will say before we ask. At the same time, God requires us to pray. Prayer is crucial to our relationship with Him and in our care for those around us. The Father’s  love invites us into the tremendous privilege to pray.

Rather than going to God when all else fails, prayer is a necessary first resort. We open our hearts, share our petitions; plead our inner groaning. Through His divine grace He grants us a participatory role. Not one in the world’s sense of self-importance, we appeal to the One who has all power and control. Rather, God’s mercy toward us touches every detail of our lives with tender care. His lovingkindness envelopes prayer, from the first time we pray that special prayer to accept Christ, through our day-to-day lives, and in our relationship to others.

There are many practical things we can do to help people. Foremost, the most caring thing we can do is pray. You cannot read the pages of Scripture long before you realize that God hears the prayers of the needy, the downtrodden, the poor, the desperate, those mourning, those suffering, and those repenting in sorrow for sin. God hears us, graciously answering in His time and purpose. As Christ is the bridge to God over sin in redemption and the sole connection with our loving Father, we pray in Jesus name.


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