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God Enabling in Self-Disabling

In faith circles there are two popular sayings. “The Lord helps those who help themselves” and “God will never give you more than you can handle”. Both focus on self and our abilities. There is a vast difference between religious cliches and a living Savior, between our own supposed merits and the undeserved favor of God. While these statements make us feel good to quote, they reach as far as superficial difficulties and no more. The rock bottom of the darkest valleys and our own brokenness prove them wrong. Rather than the Lord helping those who help themselves, He helps those who are helpless. We build entire systems of thought to avoid facing the reality of helplessness, it is the universal human experience. The remedy is not wishful thinking to an abstract symbol or vague Higher Power. A personal God reaches out in grace, through Jesus Christ, to those at an end of themselves. Freedom comes in surrender and giving up the illusion of our own performance. In addition, there are t