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Failure or Success?

An interesting question to consider: If the failure of dreams or goals we long for or work so hard toward is used by God to show us more of Him (and ourselves) is it His will to choose failure or success for us? On the one hand, God is more interested in our sanctification than our comfort . Though we avoid pain, it can be the most effective tool God uses to shape us. Drawing us ever closer to Him in obedience is His goal. On the other, God is gracious, full of lovingkindness, and nothing is impossible for Him. Perhaps He brings a measure of both? What is true success as we walk with Christ? What is failure? Does God care about the details of our lives in vocation? These are questions unique to each of us. As we set our minds on the preeminence of God in Christ, He is the source of our joy and meaning. Is this priority really enough for us in our successes or failures? Each circumstance can cloud our view if we do not keep our eyes on Jesus. I said to the Lord, “You are my Lord

Our Superficial View of God

People in our day have a trivial view of God. If relevant at all, we mold a god in our own image. He is a bearded grandfather smiling in the sky and overlooking our peccadilloes. Our god is much like Santa Claus, giving what we ask when called for. A vague, superficial notion of love is seen in this, a "love light” from a remote, disinterested deity with which we possess no wish to devote our lives. With awe of God reduced, our esteeming of ourselves as independent and self-sufficient captains of our own ship elevates. The view of God in our culture is so low we reversed roles. It is as if we are the masters and unless He answers to us, we have no need of Him. If we knew of God's holiness, there would be trembling at such presumption. In the secular world, a bare understanding that God is a supreme being is lacking, let alone His awesome righteousness and glory. Yet, in the liberalizing minds of the church, holiness is also subverted. With the failure to recognize God is n