Searching for Validation

The human heart longs for personal significance. As a result of the removal of meaning from our existence, we are restlessly searching for something to give us validation. It is a worthy pursuit to seek purpose, yet without the profound we are left with temporal matters which cannot fulfill the heart. We look to spouses, careers, our appearance, achieving notoriety, social circles, and all manner of things to give us a sense of fulfillment. Others bury inner longings with harmful behavior. There are a myriad of these, with lives ruined in its wake.

There is one thing perhaps more than any other that drives the need for acceptance. This is social media. Each day we present ourselves hoping someone out there will affirm our worth. There is nothing wrong with sharing, of course. In our emptiness it has become a highly charged altered reality where we are left lonely and unsatisfied. If we do no get feedback generated at a constant pace or meet resistance to our world view, we wonder if we matter. Like much of the things that fail to fill a deeper void, it becomes an empty obsession.

We can embrace a purpose more beautiful and profound than we have ever known. We were created by Almighty God. Before experiencing acceptance, however, we must face that which God looks on with entire disapproval. He is holy and we are fallen. It is humbling to admit to be a sinner. Freedom comes when we understand He loved us with such an amazing love He gave His very own Son for us. Jesus died for the sin that separates us from God, bringing an intimate relationship with Him when we receive Him.

Many who have heard some form of Christian message or presentation are familiar with these words. Yet, pause and think on these truths. God’s only Son stepped into history and suffered for you. God paid this ultimate sacrifice just for you, though we are condemned in sin. What a wonderful gift of awesome love. We go from the fruitless search for meaning to find the highest joy surpassing everything the world has to offer. Our lives are never the same again. To be loved and completely accepted by God, in the saving work of Christ, is all the validation we need. It is our deepest yearnings satisfied, touching all we are and do with the His wonderful grace.

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