In our can-do culture, dependence has a negative connotation. We pride ourselves on self-reliance. Fueled by ambitious energy, we are driven by what we know we can achieve. For problems out of reach, anxiety besets us. Do we worry because we feel inadequate or because everything must be up to us?

Our modern mindset does not want to admit need of God. Demands are made, with rejection of Him if we do not get what we wish. Jesus is added as a dash of religion, appended as a last resort clause to a life lived devoted to ourselves. At the same time depression, anxiety, and emotional disorders are more prevalent than ever. Lack of dependence on God has created an incredible amount of emptiness, while what seems to us constricting is freeing and healing.

When we look to almighty God, illusions of our adequacy are surrendered. Since God is holy and we are not, nothing we can do will better us. God is not looking to give a little help, He seeks to entirely redeem us. Fruitless effort impedes receiving His unmerited grace. Once we confess our need and receive His Son, we discover the realization that our self-sufficient outlook was wrong. God created us and fashioned our being to depend on Him. It is humbling to acknowledge we are helpless. No wonder Jesus said we must come to Him as little children.

We look to our Lord in all things, destitute sinners in need of salvation. Our reliance is not partial, with with the addition of our doing, it is total and naked of our own worth. We rely on God for our spiritual and material needs, the events experienced whether good or bad, for our very breath. There is no corner of our lives not meant for His care. Our Father calls us to so appreciate His amazing love in Christ that our grateful response is to submit entirely to Him.

Is this a crutch for the weak? That is an accusation by many. In reality, we do not want to admit we are broken. A mere crutch is not required to prop us up, complete transformation from death to life is necessary. Gloriously liberated joy awaits.

If weakness destroys a can-do attitude devoted to self, may God day by day make us ever weaker to live in His strength alone.

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