Loss is a major theme in life. We understand this when a loved one departs, yet the older we get the more this reality encompasses many issues. Here are just a few: Loss of cherished goals or dreams, of health, financial security, or friends. We may even grieve the loss of inner stability and our strength to cope if emotional problems descend on our lives.

The impact can affect us profoundly, leaving painful emptiness. When discouragement becomes hopelessness, we find ourselves in a dark place. Our world can seem full of futility.

In our lifetime, we will experience the pangs of disheartening endings and disappointments. Instead of dulling ourselves with cynicism or running away, we can face these times with secure hope. Though we are wounded, it need not define us.

Ultimate hope and assurance does not rest in ourselves. Despite the hurt we go through, our lives can be defined by what we have gained. Without a Redeemer, we are lost in sin and in enmity with God. Yet, He loves us with such value He gave His very own Son, Jesus Christ. He asks us to receive Jesus in faith and be reconciled. Once we do, we are fully accepted, forgiven, and loved in intimate relationship.

The reality of the radical love of what Christ did for us is so wonderful everything melts before it. My Savior was willing to suffer for me. I am dearly loved and chosen by God though I did not deserve it. No matter what I face, this comfort fills my heart with joy in the midst of despairing circumstances. We may feel unable to endure defeat or failure. In Christ, this becomes opportunity. It is an invitation for drawing closer to Him, loved by Him in the midst of it.

The Lord is near to the brokenhearted and saves those who are crushed in spirit. Psalm 34:18.

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