Let God Love You

There are many reasons we will not come to God. Brick by brick, we erect barriers. Some of them are bitter attitudes we nurse. Or we may feel a sense of failure so deep we assume He could never receive someone like us. In both cases we let our experiences cloud our judgment and miss the meaning of grace. It is not “what has God done for me lately” resentment; rather we are sinners before a Holy God. Nor do we need to walk away in our shame and tears, forever alone in emptiness.

God is calling us to His Son Jesus, who paid the price to set us free. This is love we cannot comprehend or enjoy until we answer yes to this gift. There is no longer a life of merely existing and clawing our way along, freedom and joy awaits. Will you let God love you and allow Him to wash you in His grace? Will you give yourself to the Savior?

How to have a personal relationship with God 

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