God's Goodness Brings Healing

Parents shape us in important ways. When this goes wrong, causing pain, it can leave scars inside with ramifications for the way we view life. This can also color how we view God.

Worthlessness has been a huge struggle for most of my life. In addition, deep within was a false view of God. Did He really care? Would He hurt me if I got close? When I discovered that in receiving Jesus Christ I am completely accepted by God, healing came. I found my true worth. When I came to know God’s perfect goodness, my life was transformed in an intimacy with Him that cannot be described.

Life is so full of brokenness that it is sometimes all we see. Jesus brings beauty in the ashes in the pure light of His grace. Over time, even those ashes will never be the same.

If you are struggling or going through a tough time, can I pray for you? Visit the Share Your Prayer Request page. All info and requests are confidential.


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