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Let God Love You

There are many reasons we will not come to God. Brick by brick, we erect barriers. Some of them are bitter attitudes we nurse. Or we may feel a sense of failure so deep we assume He could never receive someone like us. In both cases we let our experiences cloud our judgment and miss the meaning of grace. It is not “what has God done for me lately” resentment; rather we are sinners before a Holy God . Nor do we need to walk away in our shame and tears, forever alone in emptiness. God is calling us to His Son Jesus, who paid the price to set us free. This is love we cannot comprehend or enjoy until we answer yes to this gift. There is no longer a life of merely existing and clawing our way along, freedom and joy awaits. Will you let God love you and allow Him to wash you in His grace? Will you give yourself to the Savior? How to have a personal relationship with God  If you are struggling or going through a tough time, can I pray for you? Visit the Share Your Prayer Request page

Misunderstanding God in our Struggles

If you listen to the comments of those who are struggling with their feelings about God, often is a mistaken idea that God behaves as we do. The hurt inflicted by a fickle world can morph into defining truth for us. This may be especially true in issues with parents . They play such an important role in shaping our hearts and minds it can leave deep scars if we have been mistreated by them. In my past, I had deep-seated fears that God was aloof and uncaring. I felt that if He loved me it was only to use it against me. I had no set formula of beliefs; it was a response from deep within shaped by painful experiences. I had learned this in reaction to how my father treated me. The emotional damage created turmoil, not only in the way I defined life, but in how I perceived God. How could I trust someone so big if His motives were to harm me? It fed distress in longs years of suffering from severe Obsessive Compulsive disorder. The wonderful reality is that God is nothing like us. Hi

Slogging Through One More Day

If day-to-day life doesn't make you mentally tired, at the very least the sameness can seem mundane. Slogging through one more day, another week. Moments of reflection can bring hope. As we consider the grace of Almighty God who loved us so much that He gave His own Son, our hearts are encouraged. To be forgiven, accepted, and loved so tremendously turns a simple life into a wonderful epic. This is not a passive halfhearted endeavor. Our hope is in a living Lord, a risen Savior. We must humble ourselves and actively receive the gift of redemption. An abundant life is in relationship with Jesus Christ Himself, our light and joy. Happiness rides a roller coaster of circumstance, peace and joy last through the storms. When Jesus spoke again to the people, he said, “I am the light of the world. Whoever follows me will never walk in darkness, but will have the light of life.” John 8:12. If you are struggling or going through a tough time, can I pray for you? Visit the Shar

Overcoming Mental and Emotional Illness through Faith

Issues of mental health are complicated. We can not solve them with casual pat answers; the suffering undergone necessitates a comprehensive and compassionate approach. Because these concerns are beyond the norm for average people, those who are impaired are often left feeling isolated and alone. We can find comfort and empowerment that God is the key to our deepest healing. In Scripture we read of Jesus being followed by multitudes. Contemporary images do not depict an accurate picture of these crowds. To our minds, the multitudes were full of average middle class people with clean unwrinkled robes, fresh washed faces, and inquisitive smiles. While it is true Jesus was surrounded by ordinary people, we miss those to whom he especially reached out. The people most desperately seeking Jesus were those in severe needs. The afflicted, lame, crippled, epileptic, blind, demon possessed, mute, paralytics, the scorned or rejected, those in the deepest poverty of life experience and mi

God's Goodness Brings Healing

Parents shape us in important ways. When this goes wrong, causing pain, it can leave scars inside with ramifications for the way we view life. This can also color how we view God. Worthlessness has been a huge struggle for most of my life. In addition, deep within was a false view of God. Did He really care? Would He hurt me if I got close? When I discovered that in receiving Jesus Christ I am completely accepted by God, healing came. I found my true worth. When I came to know God’s perfect goodness, my life was transformed in an intimacy with Him that cannot be described. Life is so full of brokenness that it is sometimes all we see. Jesus brings beauty in the ashes in the pure light of His grace. Over time, even those ashes will never be the same. If you are struggling or going through a tough time, can I pray for you? Visit the Share Your Prayer Request page . All info and requests are confidential.

The Miracle of Personhood

As I survey the surrounding world, I praise God for His Creation and the power He displays there. Yet, it is the experience of personhood that affects my mind with awe of Him. The very eyes, intellect, and hands I use to observe the world were fashioned into being out of nothing by Him. My life, with a distinct personality, points to the God who willed me to be. The self, which alone is served above all else today, would not even be were it not for God’s purpose. How sad that we turn from the One who created us and fashion our own realities to escape accountability to Him. We perceive the world as rational, emotive, thinking, and functioning beings with individual personality. Though having more knowledge than ever, we have not only lost the wonder of Creation; the amazement of our own existence has been suppressed. Science has become a philosophical doctrine of naturalism and materialism, reducing life to the idea we are mere animals or slime that betters itself over time. Our rea